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Homosassa Florida is a gulf coast treasure that is one of the original Florida fishing towns.

The town is famous for the Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park.  People come here from miles around to see slow-swimming manatees, paddle board, boat, kayak, or simply to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

The biggest attraction in the park is without a doubt Homosassa Spring.  This second magnitude spring has tons of fish, manatees and of course…people.

You can also swim with the manatees at Blue Waters and create a story you can tell your grandchildren. homosassa well drilling

Don’t feel like getting wet?  No problem.  Check out the Fishbowl Observatory and see what underwater really looks like.

The town is small but a big tourist attraction for obvious reasons.  Everything here is clean and geared toward nature.

The majority of residents in Homasassa are supplied with city water which must be heavily filtered, treated with low-dose chemicals, and injected with chlorine.  Not exactly ideal for your health.

City water comes from rivers and lakes.  And while these waterways were once pristine, they are now polluted with raw sewage, boat motor fuel and industrial runoff.

Luckily, more and more of the town’s residents are beginning to understand the importance of clean drinking water from the Florida acquifer.

The solution?

A water well of course.

Over 15 million Americans currently get their water from private wells according the CDC.

But where do you go for a Homosasssa well drilling company?

Pruitt Water LLC.

Pruitt Water is a locally owned well drilling company that has been in business since 1976 and is owned by the husband wife team of Will and Kimberli Pruitt.  We are the number one choice for well drilling, well pump repair, water treatment, and purification systems in all of Florida.

Don’t believe it?  Pruitt Water currently has over 1400 positive reviews on HomeAdvisior and many more on Google and Facebook!

We pride ourselves on our customer service and honesty.  Many contractors set up shop and claim to be experts at well drilling, and perform shoddy work which often has to be redone. Not Pruitt Water, we guarantee 100% satisfaction. We also offer 24 hour emergency service.

Let’s face it, city water is not healthy.  You need to invest in water treatment or dig a well to ensure you and your loved ones have safe, clean water.  And you need to do it now.

Don’t wait another minute, check out our reviews and then give us a call at 352-231-3385!

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