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Why You Should Tap Into Ground Water

Water is an essential building block of all life on earth, especially for humans and animals who consume vast amounts on a daily basis. With an ever-increasing demand on water supplies, the cost to procure this valuable resource is only set to rise in the future. For the benefit of your family and your wallet, securing a stable, cheap and efficient water supply for your property should be a top priority.

tap into groundwater

Securing a supply of fresh water for yourself is easier than you think. Below your feet right now could be a wealth of water just waiting to be utilized. Many people are now digging their own wells to tap into this ground water and you can too! Below, the process of having your very own ground water well installed will be shown. Once you understand the very simple process, nothing will be able to stop you from accessing a cheap and abundant supply of water.

Well Location And Quote

The very first thing you will need to decide, is where your new well will be placed. There are a number of factors to consider and some laws that need to be adhered to. By consulting with a well digging company, you should very quickly be able to ascertain whether a well is right for your property. With their wealth of experience they will be able to tell you if it is possible, or economical, to dig a well in your location. In addition to this, they are also well aware of all the regulatory requirements of well placement. There is no point trying to interpret laws for yourself – leave it to the professionals!

Once you have decided on where you will place your well, you will need to wait for a quote from the drilling company. A number of things, such as the depth of the water table and the pump equipment used will affect the final quoted price. Don’t be afraid to question items on your quote, as the answers you get are sure to teach you a lot about your new well.


After all the preliminary work is complete, drilling for your new well can begin. Drilling rigs are typically quite large, as they are mounted on a truck for transport and drilling. You will need to ensure that your property has adequate access for a machine of this size.

The drilling process itself may take a few days, depending on the depth and complexity of the well. Unfortunately, there is no getting around the fact that drilling is a messy business. Once drilling has been completed, you will be left with some piles of mud and dirt that have been extracted in order to create your well. This is actually not as bad as it sounds though – once this dries out you can use it as filler for low points on your property.

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If you are thinking about having a well drilled, don’t delay, contact us today. The friendly staff from Pruitt Water LLC will meet with you and inspect your property before designing a solution perfectly suited to your needs.  Learn more by visiting our water well drilling page.


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